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Born on October 7, 1992, in Mattapan, MA, Rosewood Bape has always had an interest in music. Rosewood Bape is a self-taught artist that grew up listening to R&B and Rap music. From a young age, Rosewood Bape would create content over rap beats and taught himself how to write music and structures to build on his craft. Rosewood Bape credits 50 cent, Drake, Kanye, and PartyNextDoor as his musical influences.

Born Kevin Andre, Rosewood Bape tributes his high school experience as the inspiration to his Artistic name. His Artistic name, Rosewood Bape is derived from his interest in A Bathing Bape clothing brand by NOWHERE Co. Ltd. in which his high school classmates coined him with the nickname Bape for constantly wearing the brand. Rosewood is derived from one of his musical influencers, Kanye West’s Rosewood movement. Put both together and Rosewood Bape was born. In 2009, Rosewood Bape decided to turn his passion for music into fruition and purchased a microphone and a voice audio program where he began to record some of his first songs. Rosewood Bape also credits his mother as a major influence in his career due to her work ethic and decision to move him out of the inner city, where as a result, he was able to focus less on the street life and more on his talent.

Rosewood Bape’s community took an interest in his music when he started uploading his songs to his Myspace page. Once Rosewood Bape received good feedback from his listeners, he found the momentum to keep pursuing his musical career. In 2015, Rosewood Bape released a catchy record called “Taxi” that again, caught the attention of his audience. This time, Taxi was played across various clubs in the Boston area and spread throughout the state of Massachusetts. Taxi has reached almost 300,000 plays on Rosewood Bape’s Soundcloud and caught the attention of DJ ESCO. Rosewood Bape’s single REC was released on PLAYRadio and has racked up over 700,000 plays. Due to his vision and dedication to the Rosewood Bape movement, he has reached over 80,000 views on YouTube and more than nine million plays on SoudCloud.



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